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Guidelines for clients hosting inspections

Covid 19 Guidelines for clients visiting our offices

  • The client would be allowed to have someone accompany them to the inspection. This is called the “client’s party” and is limited to two (2) persons inclusive of the client.
  • The client’s party and Valuer must properly wear a face mask throughout the inspection of the property.
  • For buildings, all internal doors and cupboards must be opened prior to arrival.
  • Any occupiers must vacate the property or isolate themselves in a room for duration of the inspection in order to minimise contact.
  • Social distancing will be enforced – the Valuer will remain 6 feet away from the client’s party at all times.
  • Where possible or requested by the client, the Valuer will use soap and water provided by the client to properly wash their hands upon arrival.
  • If no soap and water is available to wash hands, the Valuer will use hand sanitiser upon arrival at the property.
  • No documents will be accepted during inspection.
  • Upon completion of the inspection all equipment used will be sanitised and stored and another application of hand sanitiser will be used.

We reserve the right to abort and reschedule an appointment if anyone in the client’s party or any occupier displays symptoms of COVID-19 or under quarantine.